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How I pass the time at work.
Trying to Art.
Yeah man. Yeah.

Everything Love
Last night

I had this dream that I was just free falling. I couldn’t stop, and I couldn’t grip anything to slow down. The colors were vivid, the air smelled like jasmine. I began to slow, and then I felt a hand grab mine. I could not see his face, I could only hear his voice. I told him I was afraid to fall farther down. That it would hurt to land. I was afraid that I didn’t know where I was going to end up. What I would see when I landed. He said it’s okay, we can go together. I’m slowed down to a float now, just kind of drifting in the air slowly, and I felt absolutely secure with the unknown.


Follow your dreams

Fucking adorable, y’all.
My favorite love of all time.

Everything Love